Can we empower our boys to be mentally, intellecutally, socially and politically empower boys
and young men by simply teaching them how to code? Well, the simple answer is: YES.

Coding (programming) is the future and even if youth aren’t interested in a career in
technology (although estimates predict the need for over 200,000 programmers in Canada by
2020), coding is a great way to empower our youth.



1. STEM (Science, Technology, Environment, Math) are important subject areas that help youth
to better understand and interact with the emerging science/technology world we’re living in
today. Comupters and computerized systems are, and will continue to be everywhere. Learning
how to code will become a necessity. Learning how to code means youth speak the language of
technology and won’t be socially or economically behind.
2. Coding integrates learning, the application of knowledge and solution exploration in a way we
haven’t seen since the invention of the tv. Coding will change/improve the way youth think
about, and approach problem solving. Problem solving is a skill they’ll need for a lifetime.
3. Besides being a fun way to spend their time, coding offers youth the opportunity to develop
their creativity. Creative minds belong to healthier, happier, more thoughtful youth, according to
Kelley Mayo author of “Creativity, Spirituality and Mental Health” (2016).
4. With so few people of color in the tech industry, teaching our youth how to code provides
them with opportunities to teach and support others in the community less inclined to learn
coding. Through coding, our youth become leaders in their communities because possess
knowledge that is useful and valuable to others. That is very powerful.
5. Coding (inadvertently) teaches perseverence. Learning how to code is much like learning a
new language. There are numerous obstacles, road blocks and challenges learners encounter,
but through trial and error (and practice), youth learn how to plan and execute tasks, how to be
detail oriented and the importance of never giving up.
On the surface, coding seems like an extra-cirricular activity that doesn’t require a second
thought. But in reality, encouraging our youth to learn coding (or other STEM related skills) is not
optional any more. Coding is empowering – helping youth to develop important skills they can
use throughout their lifetime, positioning them as leaders, connecting them with an ever
changing world that requires a specific skill set. Coding is enlightening, empowering and

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