Introduction to Quantum Computing Sept 4 – Sept 25, 2021

Come Join us for our 4 Week Introduction to Quantum Computing workshop Saturday, Sept 4 – Sept 25 for boys ages 14-18 

This course will cover the fundamentals of quantum computing. We will cover basic quantum algorithms and will run them on real quantum computers at IBM.

Introduction to Computer Science with Python 3 July 24 & 31st 2021

Python is in the top 3 most loved languages by software developers and is the #1 language developers want to learn!

Did you know in the GTA alone, there are over 4100 job postings for Python developers?

This workshop will teach kids both Python and the fundamentals of computer science through interactive discussion and programming challenges.

Black Boys Code Reskilling Workshop

Black Boys Code Reskilling Workshop for Ontario Residents

Are you considering a career in web development? Black Boys Code is pleased to partner with Lighthouse Labs to offer a free Introduction to HTML/CSS coding workshop. If you identify as a Black Youth in Ontario, aged 18-29, and are interested in gaining a career in coding, then this is for you.

By the end of this workshop, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of HTML/CSS, and you will build a basic web page!

Cover image for Roblox workshop

Coding Your Own Video Game With Roblox

June 19 & 26 2021

Has your boy ever expressed interest in creating their own video game? 

Come join us on Saturday June 19th and Saturday June 26th your boy can with our new workshop “Coding Your Own Video Game With Roblox” This two-week workshop is for boys between the ages of Ages 11 to 17. By the end of this two-week workshop (two Saturdays-June 19th and 26th) learners will be able to:  

1. Design and code a simple obstacle-course-style game.  
2. Test their game and modify the objects and code to correct mistakes.  
3. Use 3D design to create objects and format them using three axes: x, y, z.  
4. Understand what object-oriented programming is.  
5. Understand how to add behaviors or actions to objects with a text-based scripting language.”  

Computational Thinking

Introduction to Computational Thinking
- May 22 2021

Computational thinking is the thought processes involved in formulating problems and their solutions so that the solutions are represented in a form that can be effectively carried out by an information-processing agent. Four of these thoughts processes will be addressed during this workshop: decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithms.  This workshop will focus on tackling problems using these thoughts processes and carrying-out solutions using a block-based coding language: Scratch 3. Participants will think analytically, design, and code in real time and will have an opportunity to share their knowledge with others. No prior programming experience is required to attend this online class.  

Learn to Program with Micro Bit poster

Learn to Program with Micro:bit - April 17 2021

A micro:bit is a pocket sized little computer that runs the code the boys create using the Microsoft Makecode platform.  No prior programming experience is required to participate in this online class.

This exciting one-hour new course will cater to boys age 8 to 12.

It will encourage critical thinking and will develop coding abilities and creativity with a strong self-awareness component. The boys will be required to think analytically, design, play, and code in real-time and will have an opportunity to share their knowledge with others.

Cover image mblock workshop

mBlock: Creating Smart Objects through Code - March 20 2021

Maybe you own a smart speaker such as Google Home or Alexa at home. How does it work? In this workshop, you will use mBlock, a block-based language (derived from Scratch), with many extensions to create smart objects that will improve your life at home. This field of computer science is called “the Internet of Things” or IoT. You will use cognitive services, climate data, video sensing, text to speech, and translation services to design fun and interactive inventions.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, participants will: • Understand the basic structures of Scratch programming • Use conditions and loops to control the flow and outcomes of the program • Use cognitive services, climate data, video sensing, text to speech, and translation services to design fun and interactive inventions.

Cover image February workshop

Building a Multi-Page Website February 20 2021

Students continue their exploration of one of the fundamental languages of the web: HTML.

This workshop is for students who have taken our first workshop “Getting Started With HTML Workshop”. or for students with previous experience using HTML.

Learning Outcomes:
– How to create a engaging three page website.
– How to create a rich website with images.
– What online resources are available so you can continue learning from home.

Getting Started with HTML January 20 2021

The students will be introduced to one the fundamental languages of the web, HTML.

What you will learn

By the end of the workshop, students will have learned some of the fundamentals of becoming a front-end web developer from industry professionals with real-world experience.

Students will learn how to structure and populate a web page using HTML.