Donate Canada

Thank you for donating to Black Boys Code!

To be able to provide you with a tax receipt, we have partnered with the Michaelle Jean Foundation.

The Michaelle Jean Foundation is an organization that is dedicated to

There are two ways to donate to Black Boys Code, by credit card or by cheque:

Credit Card

To donate by credit card, please enter the required information making sure you enter Black Boys Code in the comments section. CLICK HERE to donate >>

At the end of this process, you will be issued a tax receipt by the Michaelle Jean Foundation.  Your donation will then be forwarded to Black Boys Code.

Please make sure you keep this receipt for your records


To donate to Black Boys Code by cheque, please address the cheque to:

Michaelle Jean Foundation C/O  Black Boys Code.

111 Main street

Ottawa Ontario

K1N 6N5

C/O Black Boys Code

After the cheque has been received, a tax receipt will be forwarded to you.

Please keep the receipt for your records.