technology SUMMER camp 2022

Chicago Launch

Starts July 15 2022

Black Boys Age 13 - 15

We are proud to announce our first ever Technology summer camp in Chicago

This camp will run for six weeks from July 5th to August 12th and will introduce 40 teens— ages 13-15 to the fundamentals of computer science.

The lessons are designed to be fun, engaging, and relevant to the technology kids encounter daily. This camp will provide them with an opportunity to become creators, and not just consumers of technology.

Black computer science students will also act as instructors in the hopes of inspiring and motivating campers to pursue their dreams.

Our goal for this summer camp is to pique the interest of these youth enough in the world of computer science to launch an official Chicago chapter of the Black Boys Code after-school program in the Fall of 2022. We hope this will be a seamless segue, building off the foundation set by the summer camp so these teens can continue their pursuit of technology education.